As a writer, Dr. Yonce primarily focuses on the areas of flute pedagogy and new music for flute. She also is a frequent album reviewer for The Flute View. If you are interested in having your album considered for review, feel free to contact her.

Photo credit: Kate Heiberger


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CD Reviews

As they appear in The Flute View.

Molly Barth – Thorn
Noemi Gyori – Glowing Sonorities
Black Cedar – A Path Less Trod
Patricia Surman – The American Album
Elisabeth Möst and Maroje Brčić – Accento Austria
Stephen Clark – SoundTracked
Michele Gori – The Electric Flute
Meerenai Shim – Pheromone
Bill McBirnie and Bruce Jones – Grain of Sand
Elizabeth Walker – Finchcocks Schubertiade
RighteousGIRLS – gathering blue
Elise Osner – Unbound
Bevani – Sacred Songs Within
Helen Bledsoe – Ghost Icebreaker
Angela Massey – The Elements
Noteworthy Duo – As In Dreams
The Bill McBirnie Trio – Find Your Place
Martha Councell-Vargas – Gran Danzón
Viviana Guzman – Meditation for Performers
Scott/Garrison Duo – Perennials
AVIDduo – Interactions
Francesca Arnone – Games of Light
Stephen Clark – Explosive
Deborah Lee Yates – Warrior Queen
In Sterio – Awake
Jamie Baum Septet – In This Life
Heidi Alvarez – Flute Chamber Works by Michael Kallstrom, Vol. 2
Meerenai Shim – The Art of Noise
Nicole Esposito – Blue Solitude
Ian Clarke – Deep Blue

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